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Warrior Ritual G7 RTL Senior Goalie Blocker

Warrior’s CoverEDGE+ faceforward design presents the new, Ritual G7 RTL Senior Goalie blocker slightly towards the shooter and down. Warrior’s dynamic, CoverEDGE+, profile was designed to minimize skip-over, and help keep rebounds within easy reach. Like its previous generations, the R\G7 RTL blocker offers unmatched options for fit and personalization; featuring X-Foam index finger protection, contoured thumb protection, and side index protection, all quickly adjustable.

Building on the Ritual G6, the R\G7 RTL blocker comes in two configurations: an R\G7 RTL blocker and an R\G7.1 RTL blocker. The Ritual G7 RTL blocker features a 20-degree board designed for high velocity rebounds. Unique to the R\G7 RTL blocker, Warrior’s removable palm-liner is included standard. Whether seeking a more personalized fit or a quick and easy blocker refresh, the palm liner can be easily replaced.

Designed for more directional rebound control, the R\G7.1 RTL blocker is built around a 35-degree board. R\G7.1 blockers feature Warrior’s standard palm liner, sewn-in. For additional customization, Intermediate, Medium, and X-Large palm liners are available for R\G7.1 blockers through custom order only.

Both blockers are built around a HyperComp reinforced blocker board, Warrior’s advanced carbon-composite, offering a lightweight, responsive feel with long-lasting pop. Remarkably lightweight, both R\G7 RTL blocker configurations include a wide-flared cuff, allowing less-restricted, more precise blocker positioning. Both blocker configurations feature reshaped, full range-of-motion finger guards, offering seamless protection.

Warrior Goalie Glove & Blocker Sizing Guide
Hand Size (“) 4.5 – 5.75 5.75 – 6.35 6.35 – 7 7+
Blocker/Glove Size (“) Youth Junior Intermediate Senior
Measurement: In most cases, a catch glove and blocker sized to the same age group as your leg pads should provide a proper fit. If you need a more exact fit, measure from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger. To ensure good control over your catch glove it should feel snug across the back of the hand with your fingers reaching the end of the finger stall(s).

Warrior warrants its goalie products to be free from defects in workmanship or material under normal and recommended use. Warrior equipment that has been used outside of its intended purposes, abused, misused, or damaged from contact with a skate, stick, boards, goals, benches, etc., will not be warrantied. Foam Core and Wood Goalie Sticks are excluded from all warranties. Under warranty, Warrior offers a one-time repair or replacement.

Warranty duration varies by product type:

180 Days: Leg Pads, Catch Gloves, Blockers (Ritual G3 or Newer), Masks and Cages.

90 Days: Chest & Arm Protectors, Jock, Knee Guard and Pants (Ritual G2, Ritual-X, or Newer)

30 Days: Composite Goalie Sticks, Bags, and Accessories


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