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True HZRDUS 9X4 Senior Goalie Stick

True HZRDUS 9X4 Senior Goalie StickEngineered for playmaking goalies, the next generation of True’s low-kick profile HZRDUS goalie stick, is now available! True’s HZRDUS 9X4 goalie stick is built for a balanced feel with an ultra-lightweight, 575g (SR 25″) construction and a reinforced, more responsive paddle.

Ultra-lightweight, Balanced Construction

AXENIC, One-piece Construction: True’s patented, industry-leading manufacturing offers unmatched production consistency for a high-strength, ultra-lightweight build with a precision balance.

Braided Aramid Technology: The HZRDUS 9X4 goalie stick features a reinforced paddle construction, implemented to offer improved long-term blade durability with increased damping properties to improve puck control and paddle response.

SRT4 construction: Implemented at key impact points, True’s strategic paddle reinforcement ribs ensure a more stable paddle structure, optimized to redirect impact energy.

Superior Carbon Composite Laminate

RESFLO: True’s advanced composite construction process minimizes imperfections to produce a superior, more consistent laminate. As a result, the HZRDUS 9X4 offers a tight response with a balanced and highly durable feel.

Precision Laminate Design: True’s advanced, Precision Laminate Design optimizes the placement of each individual laminate layer during production to minimize internal shear. In practice, True’s PLD produces a superior carbon composite for building sticks, ultra-lightweight, with improved durability and response.

Feel & Playability

Vibration Suppression System: Crafted for a responsive, precision feel, the HZRDUS 9X4 features a square shaft, built from True’s unique, Vibration Suppression System architecture. Developed help absorb and dampen harsh vibrations, True’s VSS gives the HZRDUS 9X4 stick a solid, more consistent feel.

All-New Foam Core: To further absorb impact vibrations, the HZRDUS 9X4 goalie stick’s paddle is filled with an ultra-light foam. In combination, True’s new foam core and VSS design give the HZRDUS 9X4 goalie stick a rock-solid feel, with enough flex and feed-back to know exactly where the puck is going.

Traditional Shoulder w/ High-Tack Grip: Providing a precision control point, the HZRDUS 9X4 features a traditional shoulder geometry with a high-grip texture to ensure a confident grip.

True Sports will provide a one-time repair or replacement within 30 days from the original date of purchase warranty period for one piece stick, composite shaft, or replacement blade breakage that occurs during normal playing conditions.


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Goalie Stick Hand

Full Right, Regular

Goalie Stick Paddle

25in., 26in., 27in.

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