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True HZRDUS 9X4 Senior Goalie Glove

True HZRDUS 9X4 Senior Goalie Glove:Introducing the newest pro-level glove from True and Lefevre, built for retail stock! An evolution of the coveted L20.2 line-up, the HZRDUS 9X4 glove is built to control pucks with a SureGrip palm and a wide, skate lace Double T pocket.


590 Break: Standard on True/Lefevre’s retail gloves, the HZRDUS 9X4 glove features their popular 590 break. The most common break found in off-the-shelf gloves, the 590 break projects a slightly wider catching shape with a neutral, more whole-handed closure.

Skate Laced, Double T Pocket: Further enhancing puck control, HZRDUS 9X4 gloves feature a wide, skate-laced, Double T pocket, with standard nylon lacing between the T posts for added visibility when covering the puck.

Fit & Comfort

SureGrip Palm: Internally, the HZRDUS 9X4 glove is lined with True’s SureGrip to help ensure a comfortable, yet controlled feel. True’s SureGrip is a high tack palm lining material, designed to resist moisture and help maintain full control of the glove.

Streamlined Backhand: the HZRDUS 9X4 glove’s backhand is designed to protect the fingers while remaining light and flexible. Two elastic straps secure the HZRDUS 9X4 glove’s backhand, fastened in place with Velcro for ease of access.

Adjustable Webbing Strapping: Highly adjustable webbing secures the palm with a wide, webbing pull strap to secure the wrist while allowing for quick adjustments on the ice.

Generic Goalie Glove & Blocker Sizing
Hand Size (“) < 5.5 5.5 – 7 7+
Hand Size (cm) < 14 14 – 17.8 17.8+
Glove/Blocker Size Junior Intermediate Senior
Measurement: Most manufacturers do not provide glove and blocker sizing guidelines for stock options. In most cases, a catch glove and blocker sized to the same age group as the goalie’s leg pads should provide a proper fit. If you are unsure or the goalie is in-between sizes, measure from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger.

True Temper warranties its goalie blockers, catchers/gloves, and leg pads against defects in manufacturing and workmanship under normal use and maintenance for a period of 90 days.

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Goalie Glove Color

Black, White, White/Black, White/Red, White/Royal

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