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True HZRDUS 9X4 Senior Goalie Blocker

True HZRDUS 9X4 Senior Goalie Blocker: Introducing the newest pro-level blocker from True and Lefevre, built for retail stock! An evolution of the coveted L20.2 line-up, the HZRDUS 9X4 blocker is built to deflect pucks with a SureGrip palm and a rigid 615 blocker board.


Lightweight, Half-piece Cuff: Redesigned for the HZRDUS 9X4 blocker, a half-piece cuff improves response with a more direct connection between the palm and blocker board. Additionally, True’s half-piece cuff helps to reduce binding between the blocker cuff and chest protector sleeves, improve range-of-motion in the wrist.

Bindingless, 615 Blocker Board: The HZRDUS 9X4 blocker displays True/Lefevre’s 615 blocker design; a rigid board, presenting a smooth face with a lower angle to fire pucks away from the crease, into the corners.


Redesigned Sidewall and Thumb: The sidewall and thumb guard integrations have also been redesigned for the HZRDUS 9X4 blocker to reduce flex between the blocker board and sidewall. In practice, this blocker’s streamlined, more modern construction feels lighter and more nimble over previous generations of True/Lefevere blockers.

Reinforced, SureGrip Palm: The HZRDUS 9X4 blocker features a unique inner palm, combining Nash fingers with True’s high tack, SureGrip material over the center of the palm and index finger. True’s SureGrip material gives the 9X4 blocker’s palm a confident, slip-resistant grip with a more direct feel and feedback for precision stick control.

Generic Goalie Glove & Blocker Sizing
Hand Size (“) < 5.5 5.5 – 7 7+
Hand Size (cm) < 14 14 – 17.8 17.8+
Glove/Blocker Size Junior Intermediate Senior
Measurement: Most manufacturers do not provide glove and blocker sizing guidelines for stock options. In most cases, a catch glove and blocker sized to the same age group as the goalie’s leg pads should provide a proper fit. If you are unsure or the goalie is in-between sizes, measure from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger.

True Temper warranties its goalie blockers, catchers/gloves, and leg pads against defects in manufacturing and workmanship under normal use and maintenance for a period of 90 days.

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