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Bauer AG5NT Senior Goalie Stick

Originally introduced with Bauer’s AG5NT player stick, BORON fiber technology makes its return to deliver Bauer’s lightest goalie stick. Previously known for its use in defensive aerospace industries, Bauer was the first, and remains the only company in hockey to implement the unique performance characteristics of BORON fibers.

Bauer’s exclusive BORON materials have been strategically combined with their innovative design processes to construct your new secret weapon in the crease. Bauer’s improved, ACL 2.0 design enhances rigidity through improved carbon layering, giving the AG5NT an ultra-lightweight balance of performance and stiffness. Bauer’s new Quadruple-Stanchion construction reinforces the paddle and improves energy transfer for more lively rebounds. The AG5NT’s improved paddle construction, combined with its ConnecTech handle, better absorbs harsh vibrations and more efficiently transfers impact energy producing clean, controlled, and powerful rebounds.

Familiar to fans of Bauer’s VAPOR goalie sticks, the AG5NT is controlled from Bauer’s PENTA-GRIP. A precision shoulder grip unique to Bauer goalie sticks, the PENTA-GRIP is shaped for ergonomic comfort and effortless stick control. Also featuring Bauer’s XE Taper shaft, the AG5NT’s elliptical-shaped shaft better distributes stick weight with a modified shape, optimized for agility. Further reducing excess weight and improving balance, the AG5NT features Bauer’s Round Toe TeXtreme® Blade with Hypercore, making it just as effective behind the net.

Bauer Goalie Stick Sizing
Goalie Stick Age Group Paddle Length (“) Age Goalie Height
Youth 20 5 – 6 < 4’2″
Junior 21 7 – 8 4′ – 4’4″
22 4’4″ – 4’6″
Intermediate 23 9 – 14 4’6″ – 4’9″
24 4’9″ – 5’5″
Senior 24 (AG5NT Goal Stick Only) 14+ 5’6″ – 6’1″ (Personal Preference)
Choosing the right fit for a goalie stick is largely player preference. Manufacturers do not typically offer sizing guidelines for goalie sticks as individual play styles, stances, comfort preferences, and body dimensions vary widely. As a general guideline, start with a stick in the same age group (Youth, Junior, Intermediate, or Senior) as the rest of your equipment. Then, refer your height against the above table to find a generally recommended paddle length.*


Bauer Hockey warranties its goalie products to be free from defects in workmanship or material within the time frame specified by item. Bauer is not responsible for damages or abrasions to any equipment, as a result of playing the sport. Bauer does not warranty any wood sticks, composite sticks that have been used on concrete or asphalt, foam core sticks, or replacement stick blades. Warranty claims determined by Bauer to be valid will result in a one-time replacement of the item. Bauer Goal Equipment Warranty Periods:

  • 1 Year: Goalie masks, Skate holders/chassis, Skate cowlings
  • 120 Days: Hyperlite, Ultrasonic, and Mach pads
  • 90 Days: Skates, runners (original and Bauer replacement), Player and goalie protective, bags, wires & cages, and regular goal pads
  • 30 Days: Composite goalie sticks (Exclusive to North American customers, Bauer’s stick warranty may vary for international customers)

Additional information

Goalie Stick Hand

Full Right, Regular

Goalie Stick Paddle

24in., 25in., 26in.

Goalie Stick Pattern

P20/HEEL, P30/MID, P31/MID, P34/HEEL, P39/HEEL

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